4 Reasons Why Hot And Cold Faucet Flows Out Of Hot Water


Low water pressure in the shower. When you turn on the […]

Low water pressure in the shower. When you turn on the cold water from the Hot And Cold Faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, you will immediately feel warm or hot water coming out of the faucet, and you will naturally be confused. If you encounter this situation, here are some possible reasons and what you should do next.

Reason 1: Close to the pipeline
Pipes usually need to be installed in narrow places. Therefore, it is normal for the hot and cold water lines to be parallel and close to each other on the way to the water tap. However, if they are too close, the heat of the hot water pipe may affect the cold water pipe.

Reason two: heat transfer in ventilation ducts
If your forced air heating system is running, the metal surface of the ventilation duct may feel hot to the touch. If your cold water pipe touches or is close to the piping system, some of the heat may be transferred to the water pipe.

Reason 3: The thermostat is not working properly
If you have a water expansion tank, the thermostat in the immersion heater may malfunction or even be damaged. This may cause the water to overheat and flow into the cold water pipe.

Reason 4: Copper heating effect
Copper has high thermal conductivity, which means that heat can easily pass through it. If you put hot water in the faucet and have copper pipes, the pipes may heat the entire faucet for a period of time.