Advantages of Plastic Faucet


There are many faucet materials on the market. In addit […]

There are many faucet materials on the market. In addition to the common stainless steel faucets, plastic faucets are also widely used.

What are the advantages of plastic faucets?

1. High-temperature resistance and strong

Plastic faucets have excellent chemical properties and insulation properties of plastics. Plastic faucets have good high-temperature resistance and are not easy to scratch. Especially, most of the plastic faucets on the market are made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a new material that is non-toxic and tasteless, has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. It concentrates the various properties of ps, san, and bs materials. , It has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, hardness and rigidity.

2. Environmental protection and health

The plastic faucet has excellent impact resistance performance, good external dimensional stability, no deformation, lightweight, no dirt, no rust, odorless, cheap, simple construction, and it is an environmentally friendly and healthy faucet product.

3. Good corrosion resistance

The plastic faucet has the flexibility of plastic at the same time, the flexibility is very good, and the plastic faucet has low water absorption, good corrosion resistance and simple installation.

4. Diversified styles

The improved structure of the plastic faucet mainly consists of a valve body and a switch made of the same color. At least one of the valve bodies or the switch has a decorative block structure. The color of the decorative ring and the decorative block is different from that of the valve body and the switch. The decorative structure makes the new plastic faucet both practical and beautiful, greatly enriching the style of the faucet, and meeting the individual needs of modern people.

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