Maintenance of common sense and experience of stainless steel faucet


Stainless steel will become after a period of time the […]

Stainless steel will become after a period of time the gray, no longer bought the relic so beautiful. Today small for everyone to bring some information about the maintenance of stainless steel, in the hope to provide you with some help.

Stainless steel maintenance experience

1, regular cleaning stainless steel sink, should not be in the dry at room temperature.
2, water retention can lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits. In this case, you can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove such deposits, and finally with water completely clean.
3, do not make the water droplets remaining on the surface of the high iron content in the water may cause the surface of reddish brown colored marks.
4, not to low-carbon steel or cast iron cookware is placed in a stainless steel tank for a long time.
5. Do not use a rubber dishwashing tablets, wet washing sponge or other cleaning pad left into the water tank.
6, containing chlorine component of household goods, food bleach or a long soak in the sink will hurt the sink.
7, even in the cabinet, if the detergent containing bleach or chemical containers open, wafting from a gas or vapor, the following will sink harm.
8. If you accidentally photographic chemicals or solder melt fall into the stainless steel sink, you should immediately wash with water clean.
9, minimize the use of silver-containing detergent or other cleaning products containing sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.
10, do not pickles, mayonnaise, mustard or other foods rich in salt for a long time placed in the water tank.
11. Do not use steel wool, abrasive sheet or abrasive materials to clean the sink.
12. Do not use the sink as a cutting board. Sink should only be used for the purpose it should be used.
13, during the installation or interior decoration, do not will be placed on the sink or on the Tools mild steel, metal or other solid material or rusty objects.