How to maintain the faucet? Kangxuan Tell your bathroom


Each faucet is a necessity, and 304 stainless steel fau […]

Each faucet is a necessity, and 304 stainless steel faucet is its material environmental health and safety beloved. In daily life, the kitchen faucet regular contact with various stains, the stains will be a long time wrap lost its light, a common problem faucets have water stains, scale, oil, spray and so on. Today Supor bathroom came with small partners to talk about things faucet maintenance, cleaning Weapon taps, help you easily get stains faucet trouble.

1, when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, the faucet prone to anomalies, such as faucet handles will feel abnormal, use this time to pour hot water on tap, until the resumption of normal re-use will not affect the life of the faucet.

2, home faucet often appear dirty phenomenon in the process of using the regular cleaning of the surface can be wiped clean with mild soap and water clean, soft cloth. Do not use corrosive chemicals and hard brush to clean up, such as ammonia, scouring powder, toilet Ling, iron brush to avoid surface damage.

3, in order to ensure product durability, taps used in the process can not be too much force, not even the traditional vigorously to twist, gently turn to homeopathy, too closed. There is not to the faucet as a handrail to support heavy loads.