How does Hot And Cold Faucet Control Hot and Cold Water?


The working principle of the Hot And Cold Faucet is mai […]

The working principle of the Hot And Cold Faucet is mainly to use high-precision ceramic sheets or a steel valve core inside the faucet to control the water output. In this way, when the faucet is used in different directions, there will be a distinction between cold water and hot water.

The principle of the faucet: It is mainly composed of a handle, a valve core, a water inlet braided pipe and small installation accessories. Under normal circumstances, the bottom of the ceramic valve core consists of three holes, of which two holes are used for cold water in and out, the other is used for hot water in and out, and the remaining one is used for water out of the valve core. The spool of the faucet has sealing rings for the cold and hot holes to ensure that it is in a sealed state with the main body. After the cold and hot water inlet pipes are connected to the main body, ensure that the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe correspond to the two holes of the spool one by one. . The valve core mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes, and when it is activated to the water outlet position of the handle, the corresponding water will come out.

We use the left hole as the hot water outlet hole and the tight hole as the cold outlet hole. The handle switch drives the valve stem to move, the ceramic plate moves, and the left and right holes are sealed. At this time, no water enters the valve core. The sealing ring of the valve core causes the water flow to pass through the valve core to enter the main water outlet channel so that no water enters the valve core, then no water flows out of the pipe. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the structure and the working principle of the faucet.

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