How To Install Cheap Basin Faucets


Whether they are Cheap Basin Faucets or an expensive ba […]

Whether they are Cheap Basin Faucets or an expensive basin faucets, the installation process is the same. How to install the faucet, how to install the basin faucet?

Step 1: Take out the basin faucet and check whether all the accessories are complete. Before installation, be sure to remove the dirt around the installation hole and in the water supply pipe to ensure that there is no impurities in the basin faucet inlet pipe. To protect the surface of the faucet from being scratched, it is recommended to wear gloves for installation. Step 2: Take out the rubber gasket of the basin faucet. The gasket is used to relieve the pressure of the contact between the metal surface of the faucet and the ceramic basin and protect the ceramic basin. Then insert a water inlet pipe and tighten it. Step 3: Insert the threaded joint into the first inlet hose, and then pass the inlet end of the second inlet hose through the threaded joint. Step 4: Screw the second water inlet hose into the water inlet, pay attention to the correct direction, balance the force, and then tighten the threaded joint. Step 5: Put the two water inlet hoses into the white rubber pad, put on the lock nut to fix the faucet, and then tighten the sleeve. Note: Tighten the two water inlet pipes and the angle valve interface separately. Do not use a pipe wrench to twist with all its strength to prevent deformation or even twisting. Pay attention to the connection of hot and cold water. Connect the outlet valve with the other end of the inlet pipe. The basin plays an important role in life. Washing your face in the morning, washing before and after meals, and washing during sleep are all related to the basin, and the basin is also used when the guests come to wash.

The above information comes from Kangxuan, a wall-mounted faucet manufacturer.