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The market is now more new style shower, and the replac […]

The market is now more new style shower, and the replacement fast. Especially the more powerful. So what criteria should we choose to buy time? Let Foshan bamboo bathroom to tell you about:
1, see the ejector effect, a good shower to ensure every small orifice spray balanced agreement, under different pressure to ensure that dripping shower effect, test the water to see the selection of the water spray is uniform.
2, shower water have lasing mode, massage points, multi-party general water shower can bring more desirable pleasure. Showers mood can select the appropriate mode according to the spray: Nature Rainfall pleasant, vibrant massage style, spray cozy, carefree soft water column, water-saving drip type state.

3, the water way function; traditional shower, the water holes are usually concealed in the inside, but on the contrary has a model on the market, designers boldly bare, exposed to the water hole, rubber texture feels the hard. According to reports, on the one hand this design is to make it easier to clean by hand, scrubbing cloth Jieke; on the other hand, highlights the water hole outside, shower water will be more natural.