Plastic Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide


Different Plastic Bathroom Faucet designs, styles, fini […]

Different Plastic Bathroom Faucet designs, styles, finishes, and functions allow you to dress up and personalize your space.
Not all bathroom sink faucets are suitable for every sink, so it’s important to ensure that the faucet you choose fits your sink or washbasin. Standard faucet drilling is a center hole, single hole, or wide hole.

4-inch center group
The 4-inch center-mounted faucet is specially designed for three-hole washbasins, with handles 4 inches apart. They combine the nozzle and handle in a basic unit. Some center faucets may have two handles mounted on a 6-inch board.

The single-hole bathroom faucet can have one handle or two handles. If your sink has been drilled with extra holes, cover them with the optional plate.

Blood vessel
These taller faucets are designed to complement taller container sinks than other sink types. The container sink faucet usually comes with a multi-function handle.

The wall-mounted bathroom faucet option can be used for countertop and freestanding sinks that require a long spout to extend reach. They are not suitable for pots with drilled holes. The wall-mounted faucet requires a separate wall-mounted valve and drain pipe to install. Make sure that the water outlet is long enough so that there is enough water basin clearance. Check that the sink is deep enough to prevent water from splashing on the floor or countertop.

A wide range of bathroom faucets is used with three-hole basins. They have three separate parts, two handles and a water outlet. The spacing between the handles ranges from 6 inches to 16 inches.
Coordinate the color of your faucet and use it with other fixtures and accessories in the bathroom. The chrome-plated waterfall faucet complements the modern home design. Or use a black bathroom faucet to make a statement.

Choose an anti-fouling finish to simplify cleaning. Popular faucet finish options include:

Brass (antique or polished)
Chrome plated (matte, brushed, or polished)
Nickel (brushed and pearl)
stainless steel
Some faucet sets use a combination of finishes such as brass and chrome for a unique appearance. Combination finishes can also be a cost-effective way to change the bathroom. For example, if you currently have brass fittings, you can update them with chrome and brass faucets. Remember to stick to the same finishes (for example: polished and antique).

For more inspiration, please refer to the beautiful life design in the bathtub.

Faucet valve structure
Each type of bathroom sink faucet has an internal valve to control the flow of water through the outlet. The quality of the valve and whether there is a gasket determine the reliability and durability of the faucet. The best choice is a faucet with solid brass, brass-based metal, or corrosion-resistant.

Faucet with washer
Compression valve faucets: They are a common faucet, which opens and closes the water passage through the rising and falling valve stem.

Disposable faucet
Ball faucets: They have a rotating metal or plastic ball that can adjust the water intake. With only one moving part, the possibility of failure is greatly reduced. Plastic balls will eventually wear out, but metal balls are designed for longevity.

Cartridge faucets: They use rubber O-rings in a cylindrical barrel to control water flow. These faucets are very reliable, especially when equipped with brass faucets.

Ceramic disc faucets: They are almost maintenance-free. They have two ceramic discs, which move to each other during the shearing action, blocking water or allowing water to pass through. Since the disc is flat and smooth, it has a strong seal.

Control options
Brushed nickel faucet with lever handle.
There are many options for the simple operation of opening or closing the faucet. Consider the needs of the people who use your bathroom.

Cross handle
These timeless styles provide different finishes to harmonize with the decor of the room.

Similar to the control of a lever, the joystick handle provides a unique appearance and a wide range of motion and versatility.

The function of the knob handle is similar to the cross handle but provides a different style.

Lever handle
These popular handles usually have a cross-shaped or X-shaped design for easy grasping and turning. Many decorations have lever handle styles.

Press the button
With a push-button faucet, you can turn on and off the water with a single touch, without turning the handle or knob.

No contact
An action-activated faucet does not require a handle or knob at all. Just place your hand under the nozzle to activate. The mixing valve allows you to control the mixing of hot and cold water. Some models are standard, but other models must be purchased separately. Some non-contact faucets also include a manual lever as an optional way to control water flow. These faucets are a safe choice for children because they can control the temperature and flow of the water.

Touch to activate
Like non-contact models, these faucets do not require you to manipulate handles or knobs. Just tap the top of the tap to activate or deactivate them. The handle controls the water temperature and is used as manual control. These faucets are perfect for those who have accessibility issues.