Repair Hot And Cold Faucet


Ah, the luxury of a modern hot shower; its soothing wat […]

Ah, the luxury of a modern hot shower; its soothing water is sprinkled on your back like the hands of a masseuse.
But wait... the water doesn't actually get hot... the more you turn the water to the "H" position, the colder the water! Oh, there is hot water, but when you turn the handle to the opposite side ("C" position), the hot water will come out!
There must be a problem. But now, you can get hot water from the cold side, cold water from the hot side, and try to relax while cleaning.
How to repair hot and cold pour faucets
In fact, whether it is in the kitchen or the bathroom, it is very simple to switch the hot and cold sides of the faucet.
One of the assumptions here is that your temperature reversal faucet has only one handle or knob, rather than a dual handle type with separate knobs for hot and cold water.
We will also assume that your single-handle bathtub, shower, or sink faucet is a so-called barrel type.
These are popular and durable styles characterized by a single metal or plastic cylinder in the middle of the faucet body.
A movable valve stem with a movable hole is located in the valve core.
When the valve stem moves (controlled by the handle or knob), its hole is aligned with the hole in the valve core.
When they are aligned, water can pass through. It is usually a mixture of hot and cold water.
Now that you know how to combine the inverted hot and cold faucets together, let us fix them.
1. Turn off the water supply
Before performing any operations, you need to turn off the main water supply. This will be close to your water meter, most likely outside your house.
2. Remove all important screws
Remove the screw on the shower faucet. Next, you need to loosen the center screw fixed on the inverted hot and cold faucet handle. You may have to pry open the so-called index cover on the top of the handle first. Use a flat-head screwdriver or an old bread knife to complete this operation.
3. Take off the handle
After pulling down the shower knob and unscrewing the handle screw, you can remove the handle itself. To do this, lift and tilt it back (kitchen handle) or slide it out of the wall (bath/shower room).
Don't worry about using a little muscle here, because the minerals in the water may help strengthen the bond between the handle and the faucet body. Remove the screws on the hot and cold handles. Some shower faucets will have a second handle to control the hot and cold positions. This may require you to remove the second screw before you can access the ink cartridges.
4. Carefully slide off the retaining ring
Next, if your model has a fixed ring, you need to slide out the fixed ring and fix it.
At this point, you can remove the ink cartridge.
Your hot and cold water reversal problem is caused by misaligned ink cartridges. What you have to do is:
1. Remove the ink cartridge
Pierce the top of the ink cartridge you see from the inside of the hot and cold reversing tap. Pull it straight out until it is clear.
2. Twist the cartridge
Now, just rotate the ink cartridge 180 degrees from its original position.
3. Put it back
Then, slide the ink cartridge back until it is snug against the ink cartridge. If necessary, replace the retaining ring and clip, handle, handle screw and index cover.
4. Hot and cold water tap valve switching
Reopen the main water supply line and give it a try!
In some cases, you may not need to remove the ink cartridge after removing the handle.
Some single-handle models are actually designed to screw the handle into a small separate piece of plastic between the handle and the ink cartridge.
After these operations, you may get a normal Hot And Cold Faucet, and then you can enjoy your warm and comfortable shower again.