Repair Of Hot And Cold Faucet


The only thing worse than a cold shower is hot water. I […]

The only thing worse than a cold shower is hot water. If there is no cold water in the shower, you have come to the right place. The lack of cold water is usually caused by the failure of the pressure balance valve in the spool. This part is located inside the shower faucet. So, is it convenient for you? With some tools and some patience, you can replace the spool by yourself.

You have a Hot And Cold Faucet, but there is no cold water in the shower
Start troubleshooting by checking other taps around the house. If none of these have cold water, you can start to figure out the problem. Look for shut-off valves in your basement or main water supply line. The valve may have closed unexpectedly. Hope you can reopen the shut-off valve and everything goes well. If this is not a problem, you should call a professional.

If other faucets around the house do have cold water, the problem is most likely the pressure balance valve.

Why is my shower cold?
Is your shower cooler than normal? There are several possible causes of cold showers. The first and easiest thing to check is the other faucets in the house. See if they are rinsed with hot and cold water. If other faucets around the house do have hot and cold water, the problem is likely to be the pressure balance valve in the shower.

Why the balance valve fails
The pressure balance valve can adjust the pressure and the ratio of hot and cold water flowing out of the nozzle. Over time, corrosion and mineral accumulation can damage the cartridges, especially if the faucet is not frequently opened.

It is not difficult to replace the valve core of the faucet, but the faucet needs to be disassembled. The most difficult part of repairing is removing the old ink cartridge. If you are not satisfied with this repair, this is a good time to call a professional. Feel confident? continue reading:

How to replace the shower tube
The first step is to buy a new shower tube at the local hardware store. The best way to find the exact replacement cartridge is to remove the old cartridge and take it to the hardware store. This is the easiest way to do this with a boxed extractor, which you can buy in a hardware store.

Shower tube replacement tool

Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
Nail puller or faucet with matching 4"-6" bolts
Hex wrench / Allen wrench
Needle nose pliers
Silicone or plumber's grease
Locking pliers
The following are the steps to remove the old ink cartridge and replace it with a new one. Use this guide in conjunction with any instructions from the faucet or box extractor manufacturer.

How to replace a damaged shower tube in 10 steps
1. Turn off the water supply to the shower.

2. Put a towel on the drainpipe to prevent the fallen screws from falling in.

3. Remove the faucet handle and all-metal covers or decorative plates (depending on the manufacturer, there may be a small fixing screw or hex screw at the bottom of the handle or behind the plastic cover).

4. Take a picture of the inside of the faucet body (for reference when reassembling).

5. Remove the other parts in the main body of the faucet.

6. Use a commercial cleaner to dissolve any mineral deposits and dirt.

7. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the fixing clip out of the faucet body.

8. Remove the ink cartridge. Use the cartridge remover you bought.

9. Reinstall the new ink cartridge with silicone or plumber's grease. (Please pay attention to the direction!)

10. Reinstall the valve stem, fixing clip and faucet parts. (Refer to the photos you took!)

Turn on the water supply and enjoy the cold shower!