Several Practical And Functional Details Must Be Considered


Since your morning shower can set the tone for the day […]

Since your morning shower can set the tone for the day (or help you relax at night), a well-designed shower can turn your daily work into a sanctuary. When designing a shower, several practical and functional details must be considered even before the aesthetic requirements are met.

  1. Hidden niche

A well-designed shower can start (or end) a beautiful day. The faucet itself plays a big role, and today's technology makes full use of the water flow and provides you with various functions from relaxing rain to energetic massage. Another important factor is the room-a spacious shower room increases comfort, especially where there are benches. Embedded design is one of my favorite tools in shower design. These niches have storage functions, but they also add a decorative element to the shower. When built low enough, they also create the additional function of shaving ledges. The overall feel of the room also has a great influence on the shower experience, especially the color, lighting and the use of natural materials.

  1. Function first

Spacious showers are becoming popular. In fact, most people give up the bathtub in order to make room for the large luxury shower. I always recommend that you consider the function first. When showering, you need to determine who uses the space and how everyone needs the shower to function. I always start by talking about shower heads. Shower head vs. handheld vs. ceiling mount and wall mount, or all of the above. When customizing any shower, consider how many bottles of shampoo, soap, etc., and leave room for each item. Every time you take a shower, you need a gorgeous surround, and the Hot And Cold Faucet is also a script.

  1. Two people design

Most people want to get a relaxing and calming experience through the shower, thereby recreating the atmosphere of the spa. Smart design also considers water consumption and on-demand (no tank) water heaters. Floor-to-ceiling glass around the shower room creates the feeling of a larger and more spacious bathroom.