Something About Telescopic Faucet And Abs Faucet


The advantage of the telescopic faucet is that it is ea […]

The advantage of the telescopic faucet is that it is easy to use and the hose can be retracted at will, so it can easily solve the problem of cleaning distant objects.
The telescopic faucet has a variety of different water outlet methods, such as shower type water outlet, water column type water outlet and drip type water outlet, which can meet people's different life needs.

Abs chrome faucet is a classification of Abs faucet. Because the chromium coating has good chemical stability, it is characterized by high hardness, good heat resistance and good wear resistance.
It has a silver-white and shiny metal appearance, and can extend its service life, so it is loved by people.

Abs white faucet is a faucet made of thermoplastic polymer material, which has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and easy processing and molding. Suitable for household faucets, outdoor building faucets and other places.
It is characterized by light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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