The Advancement History of In-Wall Basin Faucets


The in-wall bathroom is still a relatively avant-garde […]

The in-wall bathroom is still a relatively avant-garde way of life in China. This kind of fresh and hot creativity has not been introduced into China for a long time. The avant-garde who are keen to try new things are eager to try it. So what is an in-wall faucet? Let me tell you about it next!

What is an In-Wall Basin Faucet - Advances in History

When preparing for the construction of the building, it still encountered the embarrassment that the water supply and drainage structure of the house could not match it. The appearance of the in-wall bathroom has deduced a space "self-liberation" movement. The in-wall bathroom rejects all kinds of complicated and exposed water pipes, and shows people with a simple and neat independent attitude, creating a refreshing feeling.

What is an in-wall washbasin faucet—pipeline concealment

The faucet hides the pipes in a variety of shapes, and the wall-mounted faucet is combined with the hidden pipes. When we have become accustomed to living with the pipes running through the bathroom, we often do not realize that our life has been "infringed" by them. Designers use in-wall bathroom product design to tell everyone that we can actually Choose another more human way of life and attitude towards life.

What is a built-in basin faucet - a freestanding faucet

On the wall, a small section of water pipes leads the water directly to the washbasin located below, the faucet is independent, and the washbasin is also independent. The washbasin does not need to be considered to be combined with the interior of the faucet, so there are more free choices in shape, allowing more diverse choices for different spaces and environments. Moreover, the location of the junction of the washbasin and the faucet is usually the best "hotbed" for rust and bacteria to grow, and the separate faucet and washbasin do not have to worry about the cleaning of these positions.

What is In-Wall Basin Faucet - Product Features

The in-wall faucet liberates the design of the washbasin and liberates the space requirements of the bathroom. Its appearance hides all the pipes in the bathroom that are full of icy feelings, and at this time, more space is obtained to decorate a warm and personal living environment, without suffering from those side effects. damage.

The wall-mounted faucet has been closed, and the cold water pipe has been put away, and more space has been obtained to decorate a warm and personal living environment.

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