Types Of Bathtub Faucets For Sale


After a long day of work and a busy schedule, nothing i […]

After a long day of work and a busy schedule, nothing is more appropriate than relaxing and soaking yourself in a bathtub filled with warm water bubbles. Facts have proved that your bathtub faucet is an important element to define the bathing area. It not only looks beautiful, but also can easily complete your bathing procedure. There are many Bathtub Faucets For Sale in the market now. The following is an introduction to some of the bathtub faucets.

The design and style of bathtub faucets have gone beyond functionality, and are suitable for various bathtub models, themes and decorations. Before you go to the showroom to buy the latest bathtub faucet, please learn about the options and functions, installation, styles, finishes and countless combinations to choose from.

The bathtub faucet and the bathtub add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom and become a core part of it. There are hundreds of bathtub faucets to choose from, they all have a common function, they are all designed to fill the bathtub. The difference in water flow between them is negligible. The main difference lies in their aesthetics and style. We explored the latest faucets and precautions to ensure that your bathtub faucet has the design and function you like.

Types of bathtub faucet:
The style of the bathtub faucet helps to support the overall look and feel of the bathroom. The faucet you choose depends largely on your bathtub type, style and budget. The basic choices for bathtub faucets are:

Wall-mounted faucet
Countertop installed bathtub faucet
Roman bathtub faucet
Freestanding bathtub faucet

Wall-mounted bathtub faucet
This is the most common and widely used type of faucet in the plug-in bathtub and shower combination. The wall-mounted bathtub faucet saves space and is affordable. The piping and installation process has also become easier. They are divided into several types and models.

Floor-standing bathtub faucet
The countertop-mounted bathtub faucet is located on the bathtub countertop, which is very aesthetic. It is an excellent bathtub fixing device for embedded and under-counter bathtubs. It is most suitable for bathtubs without showers and wide sides because it occupies the space installed on the bathtub deck. The latest model of countertop bathtub faucet includes a hand sprayer that allows you to easily rinse soap and shampoo.

Roman bathtub faucet
The Roman bathtub faucet is designed to evoke the luxury of a traditional Roman bathroom. They are usually deck-mounted devices with arched nozzles. Roman faucets have a wide range of uses, including freestanding, wall-mounted, and countertop installation.

Freestanding bathtub faucet
The freestanding bathtub defines luxury and is the masterpiece of your bathroom. They usually have claw-shaped feet and are plated with gold and other decorative details. Since free-standing bathtubs are independent without any wall support, they require floor-standing faucets. The free-standing bathtub faucet is the most expensive type of faucet, and the fluid bathroom faucet is the latest addition, with exposed plumbing functions from the floor to the outlet.

in conclusion
When you buy a faucet, you need to keep in mind the type of bathtub and the style or theme of the bathroom. Check out the latest bathtub faucet series at Kangxuan.