Wall Mounted Faucet Manufacturers Have a Wide Range Of Applications


The wall-mounted faucet directs water directly to the w […]

The wall-mounted faucet directs water directly to the washbasin or bathing pool located under the wall. The faucet is independent, and the washbasin/sink is also independent. The washbasin/sink does not need to consider the internal integration of the faucet, so there are more free choices in shape, and more choices in different spaces and environments, which are favored

by Wall Mounted Faucet Manufacturers.

The advantages of wall-mounted faucets are as follows:

  1. Save space. In-wall faucets can usually save space and free up space on the work surface.
  2. Easy to clean, no sanitary corners, more convenient to clean.
  3. Strong decoration, can enhance the decoration of the space and make the space tidier.

The precautions for installing wall-mounted faucets are as follows:

  1. Because it is concealed, the wall-mounted faucet must be embedded in the water pipe in advance when it is used for hydroelectric power generation. Therefore, before proceeding with hydroelectric power generation, the faucet style must be purchased in advance.
  2. Do not remove the protective cover of the product during the construction process to avoid damage to the product.
  3. Make sure to pressurize the product to check for leaks and correct water pipe connections.
  4. The sundries at the connection must be removed before installation to avoid blockage or water leakage.
  5. It is best to control the installation height at a height of 15-20cm above the basin/sink and a height of 95cm-100cm from the ground.
  6. If there is no problem, please continue the tiling process.


Choose a wall-mounted faucet to compare with an ordinary faucet:

(1) Different connection methods: ordinary faucets are connected to the water outlet through angle valves and water supply hoses; wall-mounted faucets are connected to the water outlet through embedded parts for water supply, and the embedded parts and the water outlet are installed integrally. As far as the connection method is concerned, there are fewer steps to enter the wall tap.

(2) Different accessories: common faucet accessories include angle valve, hose, faucet, angle valve, hose, and the faucet itself may cause water leakage; wall-mounted faucet accessories are embedded parts and faucets because they have no angle valve and are soft. For these accessories, only the embedded parts and the tap can see the water. If you choose a good brand, this possibility will be further reduced.